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PHP Developmentand Consulting

About 80% of everything on the web is written in PHP. It is the language of the White House websites, Facebook, Slack, Wikipedia, Flickr and the basis for the majority of present-day web services, B2C and B2B applications, content management systems, and eCommerce solutions.

Cooperation models

A full life cycle of software development

IQSetter's team of a PM, BAs, architects, developers, and testers undertakes every step of the application development process. We start by delving into your business to define what will bring tangible benefits to it. After providing a detailed requirements specification, we proceed with careful design and development and conduct comprehensive QA. Lastly, we back all these stages up with sound maintenance and round-the-clock support. We also eagerly cooperate with your BAs and testers.

We offer the most suitable price models depending on the type of cooperation you choose. The T&M price model goes with long, complex Agile projects, where the requirements may change, while the Fixed Price model is intended for Waterfall projects with fixed requirements and timeframes.

One-time consulting

We bring in the deep knowledge of PHP environment to provide expert recommendations for businesses of different sizes and industries. We can assist you in selecting the right technology mix, identify the system’s bottlenecks, check security vulnerabilities, prepare an optimal scalability map, etc. Our solid expertise in 10+ domains, such as healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, etc., will help you elegantly handle all evolving technical challenges.

With a flexible T&M contract, you easily modify the scope of help you need and pay just for what you get.

What we can do

We design, develop and deploy a wide range of PHP-based applications, complementing them with intuitive and engaging JavaScript SPA user interface and appropriate database technologies.
Web applications

Discover our cross-platform, cross-browser, high-performance, and cloud-ready web applications based on ASP.NET Core and JavaScript/HTML5.

Back end of mobile applications

Supplement your mobile front end with a reliable .NET back end to ensure the smooth, fast, secure, and scalable work of an application and enable its future integration with third parties (e. g. web apps). Additionally, the use of Azure Mobile Services can bring to your app fast and sufficient cloud storage, built-in authentication to Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and support of push notifications.

AI applications

Enhance your future application with artificial intelligence features, such as image-processing, speech recognition, intelligent search, lead scoring, sentiment analysis, intent analysis, brand representation monitoring, and more with rich possibilities of Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success