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Why Choose IQSetters

What do people praise about us?

Ronit Bedi(Founder)

"IQSetters has been top notch, they managed to develop solutions for our multiple country rollouts in a time and price which is unbelievable"

Polaris Realtor
Ravikant Dubey(Founder)

"Streamlining our business processes and managing our business operation costs more efficiently were our top priorities. Then we discovered IQSetters. Thanks to them, our business operations improved and our operational costs were reduced by 20%."

Capital Boon
Tumul rana

"Our partnership with IQSetters has helped us to provide our customers with a robust and easy to use application portfolio."

Heights Events
Kaifi bharti(Founder)

"Excellent products backed by professional delivery and desire to succeed. Wish IQSetters all the best."

Happy Homes
Harish Arora

"We wanted a smart way to manage our sales team, our properties, leads, their status, and client communication. We reached out to IQSetters to help us meet our goals, and they did not disappoint. Therefore, we highly recommend them. "

Chaahat Homes
Ruchit Pruthi

"Professionalism and support are the hallmarks of the IQSetters team. They developed custom real estate software for us. Whenever we needed assistance with the functionality or processing of the software, they were there for us."

Property Finder
Mudit Mahendra

"I have had a fantastic experience working with IQSetters. Dedicated to meeting your needs, these people go the extra mile to meet your expectations. My personal experience confirms this, and I am sure yours will be similar."

Hari Ashray
Monu Tyagi

"We would like to express our gratitude to the IQSetters team for assisting us in improving our sales team performance and enabling us to manage leads more efficiently. "

Trueman Consultants
Atul Pandey

"Lead management was one of our biggest concerns. We contacted IQSetters for help with a software program. Their custom software program did much more than we expected."

MK Jain Enterprises
Mr. Mohit Jain

"Lead mismanagement and delayed interactions were our main concerns, for which we needed an efficient system. IQSetters asked us to use their product. After taking their product, our lead management, client interaction, and conversion have greatly improved. Thank you, IQSetters."

Bharat Associates
Mr. Bharat Singh

"We have been able to track and assign leads in real-time and initiate customer interactions immediately, which has helped us increase conversions and ROI. Thank you, IQSetters, for making such excellent software."

Census Consultants
Mr. Dhruv

"IQSetters has helped us manage our projects, leads, people, and expenses for the past two years, and we have never encountered a loophole. IQSetters, you are the best."