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Bespoke Software Development Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs

Need specialized software development services to meet your specific business requirements? We are committed to providing you with a feature-rich, custom solution that can help streamline your business, make it easy to manage, cost-efficient, and add to your bottom line. When you reach us, we listen to your requirements thoroughly to understand what your requirements are. After knowing your needs, we research your business thoroughly. Our understanding of your business enables us to identify your challenges and the reasons you have approached us with your specific requirements. From there, we research and develop the most appropriate solution for you. Throughout the process, you are completely involved. We keep you updated on the entire process and tell you how we can help you.

Want to optimize internal business process?

We design and build applications that optimize or elegantly transform your internal business processes by streamlining operations, improving their transparency, driving employees’ efficiency, enhancing interdepartmental collaboration and improving reporting and planning.

Want to improve interactions with the customers?

We can build customer-facing applications that facilitate experience with your brand, drive brand awareness, impress and retain your customers, thus letting your business stand out and grow its market share. To satisfy the demands of modern users, we pay special attention to striking design, ease of use and high performance in application we create.

Our Focus Industries

We can create custom software programs just for any industry. Nevertheless, we love to work for some industries because we have created several software programs for them, and our focus industries include manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, retail, loan, and banking.
Applications that ensure effective factory management, mitigate the risks of equipment failures, reduce operational costs, improve performance, establish smooth supply and distribution, and boost communication with partners.
We create custom applications for manufacturers that help them ensure effective factory management, mitigate the risks of equipment failures, reduce operational costs, improve performance, establish smooth supply and distribution, and boost communication with partners.
We help the healthcare industry by creating custom applications for them that help them manage the entire operations, supply chain, logistics... efficiently.
We create custom solutions for the retail industry. Our solutions are for large, mid-sized and small retail businesses and help effective management, improved vendor-partner communication, increased sales, and stronger customer loyalty.
Why Us for Software Development Product
Team that Delivers
IQSetters invests in the best human resources because they are the backbone of any organization. When we hire someone for our organization, we don't just look at their experience and skills but also their passion. It is because a person passionate about their job loves to accept challenges and emerge as a winner. That is why we always meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
Our Experience
We have already worked with some well-known brands in India within a short period. We delivered their requirements successfully and many of them have come to us with their new requirements as well.
Banking and financial services
We help banking and financial services providers with our custom solutions. Our solutions help our clients improve operational efficiency, ensure internal information consistency, and facilitate clients’ communication.
Our company develops custom applications for telecommunications service providers. Our solutions help organizations take their communications to the next level with high-security measures.
Our Journey in the Software Development Industry
Only two years after starting its business operations, IQSetters has exceeded all of its expectations. The entire credit goes to its experienced and dedicated team. To create its space in the least possible time, the company invested in the best human resources. The company hired highly experienced software development professionals to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. Because of the great commitment shown by its team, the company has delivered exceptionally well solutions to its clients, thereby getting opportunities to work with many well-recognized names in the Indian market.
Best-Fit Solutions
As one size cannot fit all, one solution cannot suit all. So, we put ourselves in your shoes to understand what you need from us and then create the right software solution for your needs. Moreover, we recommend the technology you really need and the one we like.
Our goal is to build a long-term business relationship with our clients. So, we ensure the entire process must be transparent. The client must be updated at every step and their feedback should be taken to ensure they are fully aware of the progress of their project.

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