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Data Migration Services

Data migration services are among IQSetters' specialties. We specialize in migrating databases and servers without any downtime. Our professional data migration services are flexible, secure, reliable, and fast. As a result, service disruptions and expensive repairs are unlikely. We automate the entire data migration process by taking a soft copy of your data from you.

Our Data Migration Services Include

Cloud Migration
Data migration from your current server to a cloud server can optimize data storage and processing. You can access the data in real-time this way. Additionally, you can show your team and customers the data they need right away. Our team can migrate your existing data from a server to a cloud, as well as from one cloud to another.

Database Migration We assure you to migrate your data with the least possible downtown. Based on your specific data migration requirements, we derive a comprehensive database migration strategy and ensure the data migration is finished quickly without downtime.

Enterprise System Migration We can help you migrate data from your existing enterprise system to another enterprise system. We specialize in enterprise systems, such as lead management systems, customer relationship management systems, and content management systems. Based on your needs, we create a proper strategy regarding data preparation, ETL processes, data content, data quality, etc.

Data Migration We can perform data migration amongst different hosts, platforms, and systems. Once we know your requirements, we derive a specialized strategy to ensure no business disruption.

Why Should You Trust us for Data Migration Services?

Keep Your Infrastructure Updated We create a smart bespoke process for your specific data migration needs. We offer an automated process to maintain your infrastructure.

We Reduce the Quantity of Redundant Data Our services ensure top-quality data migration that ensures relevant data is available to all divisions of the company and customers. Also, it reduces the quantity of redundant data.

We Ensure Proper Data Backup Proper backup of the data is crucial to deal with the dangerous situation of data loss. If you lose critical data of your business, it can even create a risk to your business existence. So, we ensure reliable data backup at regular intervals to deal with challenging situations.

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