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A Hassle-free and 100% satisfying CRM for Schools, Colleges and Universities Our company creates customized software solutions for educational institutions to streamline their administration and make life easier for everyone, including students, parents, faculty, support staff, and the administration.
Customized CRM Each educational institution has its specific requirements. We are experts in understanding their challenges and coming up with a bespoke solution that can meet their requirements perfectly. Equipped with advanced features based on the needs of our clients, our customer relationship management system helps them smartly manage their institution, courses, teaching staff, support staff, curriculum, and much more.
IQ HCM We create advanced human resource management software for educational institutions to ensure accurate and effortless management of attendance, timesheets, workload, payroll and other activities that your HR team takes care of.

IQSetters Scope

Application Management
Includes criteria-based applicant ranking, generation of student ID after fee payment and ability to restrict applicants with outstanding fee or any other conditional requirements.
Easy Management of Courses, Programs & Faculties

Based on your needs, we create an easy solution for managing courses, programs, and teaching staff. Our software solution helps ... you define course details number of lectures required for it, availability of teachers for each course and subject…. So, our solution enables you to avoid any mismanagement and hassle related to these things. Read more

free Admission Process

Admissions are one of the most hectic processes for educational institutions. They receive a large number of applications. Picking the right applicants, ranking the applicants after the entrance ...exam, enrolling students,collecting fees, and much more are all part of the job. A smart software solution can simplify the complicated process of admissions by automating many of the tedious tasks. Read more

Students, parents and teachers of the institution have personalized credentials to access a portal specifically designed to cater their needs.
Smart Fees Management

Fees are the only source of income for educational institutions. If all students don’t submit their fees on time, it creates many problems for educational institutions to ... pay their staff and manage other expenses. Hence, fees management cannot be ignored. We can make fees management relatively
simpler for you with our customized product.Our product will automate the process. Parents get notifications regarding the due fees. Thus, it helps you in collecting fees on time. Moreover,it enables you to discover the list of the students immediately who don’t submit their fees on time so that you can communicate with their parents to ensure timely fee from them.
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Personalized Section for All Stakeholders
We create a personalized section for all stakeholders of your educational institution. We make a credential-based system for all students, teachers, and parents that shows customised data for each account.

Smart Administration

Our product helps the administration authorities to ensure students, teachers, and support staff, everybody is following the set rules.


IQSetters CRM is a one-stop solution for educational establishments to take care of their day-to-day operations as well as other areas of management. It automates all operations, reduces costs and equips users with powerful reporting tools.


Application Management


Course & Lecture Scheduler


Fee Management


Calender Management


IQSetters HCM is a Cloud-based human resources management software that fulfils the unique requirements of staffing at educational institutions. It’s equipped with features to automate recruitment, attendance, payroll and time sheets for a smoother and more effective HR management

Key Features


Organization Tree


Manpower Budget & Planning


Payroll Components


Time Card

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success