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IQSetters HRM

Our company develops custom software applications for human resource departments. Our software enables your HR team to hire the best talents, maintain discipline in the office, track performance, provide moral support to employees in need of training, and ensure respectful exits for them. Furthermore, we add custom features to your application to meet your specific requirements. We listen attentively to your words when you reach out to us. As a result of brainstorming your requirements, we create a demo application for you. On the basis of your suggestions, we make the product's final design and develop it. Following the product's completion, a quality test is conducted. As soon as it passes the test, it is delivered to you.

Advantages of Using Our Custom HRM

Employee Database
Our software creates a digital employee database for you. When necessary, you can fetch the details of an old employee and add the details of your new employees.

Payroll System
You can manage the attendance and payroll of your employees using our custom software. With the payroll system, you can add all the details of your employees, and the software will calculate their salaries based on the information you provide.

Performance Management
Using our software, you can track your employees' performance and identify your most valuable assets and underperforming employees. As a result, you can reward top performers and motivate underperformers to improve their performance.

Employee Self-Help Portals
Our employee self-help portals allow employees to check their joining date, the number of late arrivals, their leaves, and the status of their leaves.

Training & Development
Keeping records of employee training and development sessions is more accessible with our software. You can find out what training and development sessions were held in the past and even plan future sessions through our software.

Employee Benefits Management
With our software, you can keep track of employee benefits such as healthcare, medical insurance, HRAs, HASs, and FSAs.

Additional Features
If needed, we can also add more features to the software. Schedule a meeting today to discover how we can help your business grow.

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