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Custom Enterprise & SaaS Java Application Development

Custom Java application development services imply engineering of powerful web and mobile applications, web services, and embedded software solutions able to run on any platform and adapted to specific business needs. IQSetters is a global Java application development company that has already accumulated more than 2 years of experience in Java development.

Our Java Development Solutions

Java Software Development
Meeting your expectations is what we strive for as a team. In order to meet and exceed your expectations, our Java specialists brainstorm your requirements. Having developed the strategy, we execute it flawlessly. Throughout the process, we provide you with updates and take your feedback into consideration to make sure the product you need is being created. Furthermore, we test your product once it is created. When the testers find a weakness in the product, the product is sent back to the executors for improvements. Otherwise, the product is tested OK and delivered to you.

Java Web Development
We build a tailormade Java web application for you. Our experts Java developers analyze your requirements thoroughly to find the right solution for your needs and develop your product. The web application undergoes a strict testing process, and we provide you with proper support regarding your Java web application.

Java Enterprise Solutions
We create bespoke Java enterprise solutions with smart use of the J2EE Platform. Our Java enterprise solutions are highly scalable based on your needs in the future, they can be improved. We create a custom product for your intranet or the World Wide Web-based on your demands that give you an edge over your competition.

Java Mobile Development
Delivering you the best custom java mobile application is our commitment. We create fast, feature-rich, and lightweight mobile applications based on your specific business requirements. Moreover, we deliver you with platform-specific or cross-platform apps.

Java App Support & Maintenance
We provide you with proper Java app support & maintenance solutions that help you run your application without any troubles. Our services maintain the performance, agility, and compatibility of your application.

Migration To Java
If you are unhappy with your existing application platform and you want it to be migrated to Java, we offer impeccable migration services based on your specific needs. We import, export, and migrate the entire data, ensuring the least downtime and full accuracy.

Java Consulting
We have specialized Java specialists in our team who can share their expertise with your team to achieve a certain goal. If your team is unsure which is the best Java technology for your needs, our experts can assist make the right decisions. They help you in everything from conceptualization to development, testing, and maintenance.

Why IQSetters for Your Java Development Needs

Our Team
Our team is composed of the best Java experts on the market, specializing in EJB, JSP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven, and other significant frameworks. When we hire someone, we don't just consider their years of experience but also their work, their passion, and their attitude towards challenges.

High-performance Products
We are committed to providing high-performance and reliable products that exceed your expectations. So, we have a strict development and quality testing process.

On-time Delivery
Our commitment is to meeting your deadlines, and we do our utmost to meet them.

Transparency is ensured throughout the entire development process by using the scrum methodology.

We offer project-based Java development and long-term Java development outsourcing to satisfy the needs of various businesses – from small startups, SaaS companies, and SME to large enterprises with their own IT departments and in-house development.

Build Java products (including SaaS applications)

We use Java to deliver streaming software, content management systems (CMSs), VoIP and messaging applications, self-service applications (including mobile banking applications), applications for smart and connected system control, image analysis software, product life-cycle management systems and more.
Our team ensures that your product has a sustainable competitive advantage and captures users with sleek web and mobile experiences.

Conversion-driven Develop enterprise Java applications

We use Java to design and develop complex enterprise systems, web solutions (including ecommerce websites), portals (vendor/customer portals, self-service portals, and community portals) and more.
Our team finds the right solution to address the unique needs and challenges of your business in an optimal way.

Complementing Java Services

Migrate software to Java
Our Java architects and developers perform high-quality migration from legacy technologies to Java as well as upgrade legacy custom Java code to modern Java versions. The migration project can include:
Ensure your Java applications’ health and relevance
Our team maintains high performance of your Java applications, performs prompt and long-term issue resolution, minor and substantial application changes, upgrades and modifications.
Introduce Java APIs
Our Java architects and developers come up with clean, secure and well-documented Java APIs to allow for exposing the needed data and operations to external systems and subsystems.
Integrate your Java application with other systems
Our Java architects integrate your Java applications with custom applications (including legacy software), COTS (commercial of-the-shelf) software, SaaS solutions and third-party services through API connections, web service architecture, enterprise service bus (ESB) or the introduction of a shared database.
Benefit from Java technology consulting
Our Java consultants advise on the right Java technology choice, provide guidance on Java tools and extensions, and help to find optimal Java application architecture and design to use Java platform capabilities in the most efficient way for your needs.

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