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Report Management

Our report management software is tailored to your company's needs. Within seconds, our product can create detailed and filtered reports based on your specific needs. The reports you need can be generated instantly, no matter which type of report you need, whether it is a performance report for an individual employee, a performance report for the whole team, a sales report, or a lead conversion report.

When it comes to creating a report management process, we have a comprehensive policy to meet your expectations. We determine your product strategy based on our communication. We first create a demo and demonstrate it to you to becomes sure we are going to create the right product. As a result of your feedback, we modify the product to ensure that it fits your needs.

The Top Advantages of Report Management Software

Check the Performance of All Teams Our custom reporting software helps you track all teams' performance and tasks. You have access to real-time performance reports. Whenever you find someone is not very serious about their work or is moving slower on a project than expected, you can generate real-time reports and ask them questions. All members of your team will be more attentive to their tasks as a result. They know you know everything they do. So, they make sure every task is done in the planned way. Boosting productivity and profitability is a result of this.

Create Reports Fast and Efficiently Manual report creation takes several hours. Despite spending so much time on calculations, there is always the possibility of error. Our tool creates accurate reports in a matter of seconds. This gives you more time to discuss your reports and plan improvements.

Create A Data-Driven Culture We help you create a data-driven culture in your workplace with our custom software. Rather than relying on speculation, you can use data to guide your discussions. Talking based on data leads to more meaningful discussions that help determine the direction to take.

Roles & Functions

  • Reporting Management Specific Roles
  • Static Process Roles
  • Reporting Process Owner
  • Initiator of the process; accountable for defining the process strategic goals and allocating all required process resources. Refer to Continual Process Improvement Management for a detailed description of these activities.
  • Reporting Process Manager (Reporting Manager)
  • Manager of the entire process; responsible for its effectiveness and efficiency. Team leader of the function „Reporting Management Team“. Refer to Continual Process Improvement Management for a detailed description of these activities.
  • Reporting Management Team
  • The team associated with the Reporting Management Process.
  • Senior Management
  • Senior Management of the IT provider.

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